Marketing Cloud

Personalise customer experiences across every channel and create marketing experiences as unique as each customer with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Deliver Relevant, Personalized Messages to Clients and Prospects with Marketing Cloud Every company has an online presence. An up-to-date, responsive website is no longer enough to make your company stand out. Making a lasting impression, breaking from the pack of competitors, requires sending personalized, relevant messages to customers and prospects.

If the thought of automating inbound marketing sounds daunting, don’t worry: Salesforce Marketing Cloud simplifies the process for you. The software maps the customer journey to create personalized, one-to-one communications that move the customer to the next step in the journey.

Marketing Cloud delivers the right message at the right time on any channel by:

  • Personalizing your email marketing.
  • Reaching customers with mobile messaging.
  • Automating the social workflow.
  • Creating journeys across channels.
  • Providing useful data to create relevant content.

What can TechKasetti Do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for My Organization?

As your Salesforce consultant, we take a look at your marketing process for ways to automate, integrate, and simplify Marketing Cloud for your organization. Next, we map your process to current Salesforce and marketing best practices. Then, we use all of the information to create a report and proposal. Your personalized report will have recommendations on how to:

  • Personalizing your email marketing.
  • Streamline content creation: Set up static and dynamic templates for content and emails.
  • Capture more data: Build smart capture forms to collect data via landing pages.
  • Create segmented lists: Achieve your marketing goals by sending precise targeted messages to specific customer groups.
  • Simplify customer self-management: Build Customer Profile Center and Preference Center that allows customers to update their own information.
  • Automate marketing activities: Set up complex automations in Automation Studio to execute multiple steps on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis to move customers through the journey.

We Can Support You Boost Your Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud

Not only do we optimize Marketing Cloud for your organization, our Marketing Cloud services can also help you:

  • Integrate Salesforce: If you want or have other Salesforce instances such as Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, those can be integrated with Marketing Cloud and other systems.
  • Migrate configurations: You can expect your set up to have all the same factors whether migrating from Marketing Cloud to another instance or vice versa.
  • Automate personalization: Get custom code for implementing personalization-related tasks.
  • Train employees: You’ll have higher user adoption and faster ROI when your employees receive effective training. Training can be customized for different formats, such as online or face-to-face.
  • Boost Marketing Cloud: HubExchange features thousands of apps that will have the software doing the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Marketing Cloud is powerful and feature-rich. To get a 360-view of every customer with this software, you need Marketing Cloud to be customized based on your business requirements and needs. You’ll accomplish more when you work with a team that lives and breathes Salesforce. Make the most of every customer interaction — our team of certified consultants can enable you to create personalised, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional brand experiences across email, mobile, social, web, and more.

Check out our other Salesforce consulting services available to you. Contact us with your Salesforce questions and requirements.

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