Big Data Analytics

Open your arms to big data analytics and tools to drive improved decisions. More than ever, organizations are now producing huge amounts of data and from multiple sources. Storing this disparate data can be a hassle but also presents a lot of opportunities with the right big data analytics approach.

The need is ever growing to collect and analyze all the data available to an organization and is it critical to make it accessible and simple.The foundations of trusted analytics are built on organized data, this enhances the ability to utilize information that was earlier either inaccessible, unavailable or unusable and becomes the driving force for well informed,faster and smarter decisions.

Delta has an experienced team that can manage large data sets that include structured, semi structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and in multiple formats. By successfully handling innumerous projects in various industries, Delta has gained an unmatched expertise and extensive exposure to big data tools and processes that enable practicable insights from terabytes and petabytes of data. Delta big data analytics solutions have helped large enterprises around the world to Improve efficiency and lower risk, improve customer integrations, detect and eliminate fraud, drive process efficiencies, etc.,

Delta’s big data analytics is driven by

  • An in house center of excellence that drives dig data analytics through continuous improvement and early adoptions of technological advancements.
  • Excellent team of experienced big data scientists, developers, architects and visualization experts with projects delivered across industries and throughout the globe.
  • Industry and business specific solutions, tailored to meet specific demands.
  • Tens of hundreds of hours of capturing, organizing and presenting meaningful data

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