Business Intelligence as a Service

Create new opportunities for your organization and gain the full benefits of end-to-end business intelligence solutions with low costs.

The journey of Analytics needs to evolve as your business evolves and this requires continuous improvements, adoption of latest practices and technologies and highly skilled personnel which increases cost and risk.

Delta data scientists and warehousing experts are adept at data extraction, data warehousing and data visualizations and can help you achieve a competitive advantage by bringing forth critical information in real time.

Delta BIaaS goes beyond just delivering the right information, but also presents this information at the right time and on the desired device. This ensures that you empower all your decision makers with secure and key information and promotes informed decision making.

Delta covers all aspects of BI such as reporting, analysis, monitoring, forecasting, predictive and prescriptive services. Our processes, agile methodologies and deep knowhow makes it easy to; seamlessly extract data from multiple and disparate sources, manage a well-designed warehouse to organize and host all the data, and visualization to make it easy to comprehend the data.Delta data scientists are able to capture and process huge amounts of data and publish them across devices.

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